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welcome to Debunqed

Technology can be challenging – but it is not always as complicated as we think! The goal is to “debunq” this myth by deciphering seemingly complex software, tech concepts and all things about global business operations online.  

The core service provided is IT consultation – providing core research into technnology and its application to business and finance (Fintech) with emphasis on SaaS, Blockchain Technology and the necessary Cybersecurity.

In addtion, Debunqed provides startups & small-to-large enterprises (SMEs) with the necessary (cloud-based) software/tools & IT advice to help run your operations quickly and cost-effectively.

The site’s informative blogs and its contents facilitate this by mentioning and explaining some of the trending techs and online tools. These will inturn influence and help decison-makers embark on the right tech to improve business operations and profitabililty.



Robert is an economics graduate with a combined 17 years’ experiece in the SaaS and Blockchain Tech industries. He has helped set up small, large and medium-sized businesses with software solutions. As a serial entreprenuer, he has worked for/founded several startups (in Africa and Europe) but also worked for large companies like Microsoft & Bertelsmann(Germany).
The combined experience provided him with solid insight into the workings and knowledge of enterprise-level SaaS products available to help with digital transformation and Fintech needs.
In his spare time he likes to watch/play football, gaming and is a avid Blockchain enthusiant/advocate.

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