Simple online tech solutions

Starting out your small business? Or are you scaling up from a small to a medium to large enterprise (SME) and need cost-effective cloud software to facilitate, grow and enhance your operations online? Then look no further than our simple online software solutions!

Debunqed supplies licenses & basic support for well-recognized software (SaaS) brands. These include  Microsoft, Google, and Acunetix.


Unleashing the Power of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed from a buzzword to a practical reality, revolutionizing numerous industries across the globe. With its ability to process vast amounts

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That’s so Meta, Dude!

The adage that whatever you see in science fiction, you will witness in reality, seems to ring true more than ever in the 21st century. In

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Digital vulnerabilities

Global security breaches are on the rise and no one or country is safe. The acceleration of certain technologies has been rapid since the pandemic

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Tech Game Changers

The pandemic has thrown us into a state of flux and some tech entrepreneurs have found opportunities in the funk. One major trend involves playing

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Be Digitally hack-proof

Why do people hack systems? Hacking is a technique used to compromise any digital device. Hackers want to get into your device to use your

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