Simple online tech solutions

Starting out your small business? Or are you scaling up from a small to a medium to large enterprise (SME) and need cost-effective cloud software to facilitate, grow and enhance your operations online? Then look no further than our simple online software solutions!

Debunqed supplies licenses & basic support for well-recognized software (SaaS) brands. These include  Microsoft, Google, and Acunetix.


That’s so Meta, Dude!

The adage that whatever you see in science fiction, you will witness in reality, seems to ring true more than ever in the 21st century. In

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Digital vulnerability

Global security breaches are on the rise and no one or country is safe. The acceleration of certain technologies has been rapid since the pandemic

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Game Changers

The pandemic has thrown us into a state of flux and some tech entrepreneurs have found opportunities in the funk. One major trend involves playing

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Be Digitally Bulletproof

Why do people hack systems? Hacking is a technique used to compromise any digital device. Hackers want to get into your device to use your

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2020: Year of the PC

People will always find an opportunity in a crisis. This year has been one of the strangest years we will ever experience. Because of the

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